PROComp Worker’s Comp


JBI INSURANCE GROUP has partnered with AcuComp® To Bring You PROComp

PROComp Worker’s Compensation 

  • America’s premier workers’ compensation cost control system with a support group.
  • Proven and documented track record of lowering reserves by 30% and modifiers by 27 points over time.
  • Independent company with no fiduciary issues with carriers or the insurance industry. Endorsed and beta tested by State Department of Insurance.
  • Registered Mark by U.S. Patent & Trademark OfficeLOCK-Good

PROComp is a claim reserve and experience modifier verification system that tracks reserve reductions and subsequent modification verification’s through the experience rating process. We are able to do this by utilizing our proprietary software system and teams of experts that detect, correct, and obtain premium refunds.

Throw Your Business A Life Raft!

The chart below shows the problems associated with the 5 components that make up an employer’s premium. 


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